Strixaderm-MD AquaScoop – ALL IN ONE Plumping, Hydrating, Moisturizing Face Cream & Make-up Primer

Strixaderm-MD AquaScoop Face Cream

Strixaderm-MD AquaScoop - ALL IN ONE Plumping, Hydrating, Moisturizing Face Cream


Let me introduce you to my new favorite, can’t live without, face cream- Strixaderm-MD AquaScoop Face Cream.  AquaScoop Facial Cream is the ultimate all in one 24 hour face cream that not only instantly moisturizes, hydrates and nourishes your face, but actually binds moisture to the skin, providing a tightening and firming effect, leaving your face sculpted and your skin healthier and more beautiful. Although AquaScoop is not technically an anti-wrinkle cream it does target one of the causes of wrinkles which is the lack of skin hydration. AquaScoop face cream prevents wrinkles in their formation and improves the quality of the skin, almost immediately plumps up fine lines caused by dehydration, and helps to smooth out the face. 

The most surprising feature of this miracle cream is that it’s delicate texture blends rapidly into the skin creating an ideal base for your make-up and will become the only foundation primer that you will ever need.  I have been using AquaScoop for just under 4 weeks and as they promised the beauty benefits of this revolutionary face cream are undeniable: Skin is perfectly and durably moisturized and replenished, the skin is visibly firmer and plumper and the face regains the full appearance and softness of a baby’s skin. I will share some research from the product insert to explain the “plumping” aspect of  this face moisturizer. 

Moisturizing is a leading concern for women, we lose 400ml of water every 24 hours.  the skin slows down this loss, thanks to the hydrolipid film -so moisturizing is not a surface phenomenon.  Acting as a magnet for moisture, AquaScoop offers a quenching effect, by replenishing the water that is so vital for our skin, throughout the day.  this long-lasting and cumulative action helps achieve a “plumping” effect, which literally re-sculpts the face.  

Don’t pass this opportunity to experience the best face cream I have ever tried and now will never be able to replace, Strixaderm-MDAquaScoop Face Cream. You will not be disappointed! You can only purchase AquaScoop Face Cream, and any other products from Strixaderm-MD’s fabulous anti-aging skincare line, online at


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